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What is Final Autoclaim?

picture showing what you can do with final autoclaim
This is a faucet site that allows you to claim a variety of cryptocurrencies for free when you perform simple tasks. You can claim the cryptocurrency of your choice with just one click of a button.

You can start earning 73 cryptocurrencies at the same time by doing simple activities like tasks, offers and surveys, mining, paying to click, etc.

Statistics on Final Auto claims

As at the time of writing this piece, the platform has over 808,708 registered users; the total tokens paid is 311,891,129,633 and the autoclaim count is 79,391,021,969.


How to Make Money on the Final Autoclaim

1)Completing offer walls and surveys

You can earn cryptocurrency satoshis by completing offers like playing games, answering survey questions, or downloading and registering for apps.

2) Playing games to earn coins

You can earn some coins in just one click after solving a captcha. You are allowed to roll once every 30 minutes.

3) Visiting PTC Wall

You can earn money by clicking on advertisements. Once you have visited the advertised website, you will earn some coins.

4) Staking

You can also earn on this faucet site by staking your coins for 12 hours.

Methods of Payment

The most interesting thing about this platform is that it pays your earnings directly into your wallet. The payment gateways supported are Coinbase and Faucetpay. You will receive all the earnings in your wallet with a zero withdrawal fee.

Bonuses and contests

You will be eligible for bonuses if you have reached a new level after being consistent on the platform. You can also earn by challenging other users on a weekly and monthly basis.


Earning Cryptocurrencies

Space Token (SPACE), Aave (AAVE), Algorand (ALGO), Avalanche (AVAX), Axie Infinity (AXS), Baby Doge (BABYDOGE), Basic-Attention-Token (BAT), Betfury (BFG) and other cryptocurrencies are available for earning on Final Autoclaim.