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PolyDoge Symbol
PolyDoge is accepted as payment on Amazon, Walmart and other e-commerce platforms


The PolyDoge blockchain has achieved a mind-blowing landmark in the history of cryptocurrency. It is probably the first cryptocurrency that would be accepted as a payment option on Amazon, Walmart, eBay and other e-commerce platforms. The statement was seen on the  Twitter handle of PolyDoge.

The PolyDodge blockchain is in partnership with the e-commerce marketplace,, to launch the crypto payment project. The cooperation implies that  PolyDoge, the native token of the PolyDoge blockchain, will be accepted indirectly as payment option for the purchase of goods and services on Amazon, Walmart, eBay and many other e-commerce platforms through

The PolyDoge blockchain was launched on the polygon blockchain. The polygon blockchain is one of the famous blockchains in the cryptocurrency space supporting dApps (decentralized application), DeFi (decentralized finance) and NFT (non-fungible token). In fact, the polygon blockchain is one of the leading marketplaces in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

However, this giant e-commerce platforms have not started accepting cryptocurrency payment directly for the purchase of their products and services, but they have shown interest in the non-fungible token (NFT) projects. Currently, eBay has dipped its feet into NFT projects and it became the first e-commerce platform to carry out NFT transactions using the polygon blockchain as the NFT marketplace.

eBay, the online retailer bellwether, collaborated with OneOf, a polygon based NFT (non-fungible token)  marketplace to launch its non-fungible token. On June, eBay announced that it has bought KnownOrigin, an NFT marketplace. This further established the keen interest of eBay in the non-fungible token projects.