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How to Earn Cryptocurrencies for Free on

What is

It’s a website that gives a reward to its users in the form of cryptocurrencies. Users can earn some satoshi of bitcoin, and the reward given is a small amount of cryptocurrency. The users will earn rewards when they complete tasks such as viewing ads, playing games, completing offers, and completing surveys.

Ultimately, it’s a free way to earn a small amount of cryptocurrency by performing very simple activities. You can only earn bitcoin through Cryptowin, and it’s a very good site that everyone could join to make free money online. It has a user-friendly platform, and it is very easy to accumulate some satoshi of Bitcoin over a short period of time.

It was created in 2019, and since then, it has gained a lot of traction among crypto users. The unique feature of this website is its faucet. However, you can claim some satoshi of Bitcoin every 15 minutes with the faucet. 

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How to Make Money from Cryptowin
The benefits that users of this website stand to gain are highlighted below.

1) Faucets: The faucet allows you to claim some satoshi of cryptocurrency every 15 minutes by solving a captcha. It is a very simple and straight-forward way to accumulate some satoshi of cryptocurrency if you’re looking for ways to expand your cryptocurrency portfolio.
2) Revenue share: It’s another interesting feature of Cryptowin that allows you to earn a 126% return on your investment. Ultimately, you will buy shares and invest to earn a 126% return on investment. One share is equivalent to 0.00001000 BTC, or 1000 satoshi of bitcoin. One revenue share lets you receive 0.7% of 1000 Satoshi of Bitcoin per day for a complete 180 days, adding up to a total of 0.00001260 BTC, which is a 126% return on the investment.
3) Viewing ads: You can also earn rewards by visiting some websites, and you will be rewarded with a certain amount of Bitcoin. You can visit the ads with just one click of a button, and you will receive some satoshi of Bitcoin very quickly, meaning you will be paid to click on ads.
4) Completing surveys and offerwalls: It gives you the opportunity to earn some money by completing surveys. The survey to be completed will cover a variety of topics, and it is very important to ensure that you provide honest answers to the survey questions. The only setback with surveys is that they are specific in eligibility, meaning that they are not available globally and users will only qualify for the surveys based on demographics.
5) Playing the Lottery: You can hit a big amount if you play the lottery on Cryptowin, and winners are chosen randomly. It’s a game of luck, but if you’re lucky, you can win a huge amount of satoshi. Each entry ticket costs 1 satoshi, and you can buy as many tickets as you like.
6) Playing Hi-Lo Games: You can also make money on this website by playing Hi-Lo games. The minimum entry per ticket is one satoshi of Bitcoin, and if you are lucky, you can earn a substantial amount of money as well. They claimed to have paid out a huge amount of money with this game.
7) Referral: It allows you to earn 50% each time your referral makes a claim from the faucet. You will also receive 1% from every share that your referrals buy. That’s not all; you will receive 10% from offerwalls completed by your referrals as well.
Payments (deposits and withdrawals)
You can deposit bitcoin into your Cryptowin account by copying your bitcoin wallet on the dashboard or through FaucetPay. The minimum amount to deposit is 0.00001000 BTC. 
Also, you can withdraw a minimum of 300 satoshi to Faucetpay and 20000 satoshi directly into your bitcoin wallet. Withdrawals are processed instantly with no fees on Faucetpay, and a direct deposit will cost 3000 satoshi.
In conclusion, cryptowin gives you the opportunity to make money in different ways, and if you are interested in making more money, you can invest by buying more shares. This will generate passive income for you over time.