BTC/USD: USD to gain more strength relative to the BHC

BTC USD Price movement

All the market indicators and the price action point to a downtrend around the BTC/USD pair. Initiate a sell order and set your TP at $23248.42, or you could set your TP at $22145.80 if you want to play a long game.

PolyDoge accepted as  payment on Amazon, Walmart and other e-commerce platformsPolyDoge Logo

The PolyDoge blockchain has achieved a mind-blowing landmark in the history of cryptocurrency. It is probably the first cryptocurrency that would be accepted as a payment option on Amazon, Walmart, eBay and other e-commerce platforms. 

Bret Taylor reiterates Twitter’s readiness to complete the  buyout contract with Elon Musk Bret Taylor, board chair of Twitter

Elon Musk expresses concern about spambot accounts. But Twitter estimates that spambot accounts form less than 5% of active users.